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All Members, it’s time to find those of you who wish to serve the Squadron.  Circumstances have made us smaller, as have numerous other organizations.  Instead of hundreds, as in the past, we struggle to maintain close to a hundred.  And yet, we have done a great job carrying out those duties and activities that make us a fun and productive squadron.  But it takes participation.  New members to the squadron are urged to step up;  the jobs are not intimidating as, perhaps, titles seem to indicate.  Those already serving should think about staying on;  it’s also an opportunity to find those in the membership to carry on next year.
Please reply no later than 27 October 2017 because we’ll be dealing with the final late at the 6 November ExCom                SEE OPENINGS HERE


The Sail Feet of the San Diego Sail and Power Squadron will hold its 11th race of the 2017 series with a race on November 18th 2017 in conjunction with the South Bay Family Sailing Series.

Details and course here (or look under sail fleet tab above -> READ MORE ON RACE AND RESULTS HERE


Good afternoon Power Squadron Members,

  Here is an opportunity to learn a valuable skill for a low cost. The Power Squadron Hand-On Powerboat Training and Inland Navigator Basic Powerboat Handling will be offered next week by the San Luis Rey Power Squadron.   Continue reading

Current and Upcoming Courses

Please see -> Schedule of upcoming classes for all classes scheduled for 2016 or for more information write seo@sdsps.org

Course time and dates may be changed to accommodate instructors and facilities.

COURSE                                  DAY & TIME                DATE                  LOCATION   




                (New DATE!)               Tuesday                Sept 19-Dec 12          SWYC


*SAIL (New DATE!)                    Wednesday          Oct 4-Nov 29      Inst’s home**



* = Public as well as Members offered course  (Members at discounted fee)

** Pre-registration is required for Sail courses.  Please contact the Education Officer by emailing seo@sdsps.org before the first day of class.