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All Members, it’s time to find those of you who wish to serve the Squadron.  Circumstances have made us smaller, as have numerous other organizations.  Instead of hundreds, as in the past, we struggle to maintain close to a hundred.  And yet, we have done a great job carrying out those duties and activities that make us a fun and productive squadron.  But it takes participation.  New members to the squadron are urged to step up;  the jobs are not intimidating as, perhaps, titles seem to indicate.  Those already serving should think about staying on;  it’s also an opportunity to find those in the membership to carry on next year.
Please reply no later than 27 October 2017 because we’ll be dealing with the final late at the 6 November ExCom                SEE OPENINGS HERE


The Sail Feet of the San Diego Sail and Power Squadron will hold its 11th race of the 2017 series with a race on November 18th 2017 in conjunction with the South Bay Family Sailing Series.

Details and course here (or look under sail fleet tab above -> READ MORE ON RACE AND RESULTS HERE


Good afternoon Power Squadron Members,

  Here is an opportunity to learn a valuable skill for a low cost. The Power Squadron Hand-On Powerboat Training and Inland Navigator Basic Powerboat Handling will be offered next week by the San Luis Rey Power Squadron.  

There will be a $20 fee to help pay for the fuel, oil, etc of the boat being provided. 

For those wishing to earn the Inland navigator (IN) Certificate, a $50 charge will pay for the book and passport for the certification.

Point of contact is Van Diedl at the San Luis Rey Squadron.


I hope as many members as possible will take this opportunity to take this class.


Invitation to Hands-On Powerboating Training and Certification – November 17 to 19th.


The San Luis Rey and San Diego Sail & Power Squadron’s major objective is Safe Boating. Skills learning (learning by doing) is a must to be a safe boater. One of the basic skills you must have is to safely maneuver your boat when under power (either motor or sail). 


Hands-On Powerboating Training (previously known as POTW – Practical On The Water Training) teaches you these skillsThe course includes two hours of classroom training on specific boat handling skills followed by On-the-Water (OTW) training.


The classroom training includes a review of the skills to be taught and performed, and videos that allow the student(s) to observe the skills being performed. The second part is on-the-water, where students observe dockside and on-the-water skills demonstrated by instructor; then each student has the opportunity to perform each skill with supervision and coaching.


Inland Navigator (IN) Certification


CERTIFIED boat operator will represent the fulfillment of a USPS training program: an operator who is knowledgeable, competent and safe. To achieve certification at a given level – Inland Navigator (IN), Coastal Navigator (CN), Advance Coastal Navigator (ACN) and Offshore Navigator (ON), a candidate must complete courses and USPS seminars relevant to that level. In addition, candidates must demonstrate their proficiency in a set of practical skill tests.


Inland Navigator is the first step of the certification program (BOC). The focus is on basic powerboat operation and general boating knowledge. The Basic Powerboat Handling (BPH) skills are the same skills included in the POTW program. The difference is that POTW is teaching and BPH is testing.


Thus for the members that can perform with confidence the maneuvers of POTW, BPH certification will be offered too. A Passport, the document where the all required courses and skills for IN certification are recorded, needs to be purchased prior to the OTW exercise.




Hands-On Powerboating Training and IN (BPH) Certification


* Classroom: Oceanside Yacht Club classroom  Date: Friday 11/17/2017Time: 1830 to 2100


* OTW: Oceanside harbor


Date:  11/18/2017 and 11/19/2017  Time: Group 1: 0800-1200; Group 2: 1300 to 1700


Who can sign-up?


* Hands-On Powerboating Training: Any USPS member


* IN OTW (BPH): Any member with an IN Passport


We would be delighted if you participate in the program. Please, let us know if you are signing up for either the Hands-On Powerboating Training or for IN Certification. If you are unable to come let us know why. Attendance is limited so please pre-register as soon as possible.


The On-the-Water skill certification requirement for Coastal Navigator (CN) certification will be offered in early December. More to follow……


Van Diehl.




Please see SDSPS/SLRPS Events for all 2017 planned events

for more information contact Admin Officer Debra Oberg at ao@sdsps.org