2017 Sail Fleet Results

 Current Sail Fleet Standings:

Marilee –  Mike Collins –  78 pts

Astra – Mike Philbrook – 72 pts

Bon Temps – Ted and Claudia Bowler – 62 pts

Ciao Bella – Ralph Masters – 16 pts

Sea Story – Tanya and Jay –  14 pts

        Consigliare – Steve Brodbeck –   6 Points


1st Place 10pts 2nd Place 8pts   3rd Place 6pts 4th Place 4pts 5th Place 2pts
Jan/Race1  Bon Temps N/A N/A N/A N/A
Feb/Race 2  Marilee  Bon Temps  Astra  N/A  N/A
Mar/Race 3      Marilee Bon Temps Astra Sea Story Ciao Bella
Apr/Race 4 Marilee Astra Ciao Bella  Sea Story N/A
May/Race 5 Astra Bon Temps  Ciao Bella  Marilee N/A
Jun/Race 6       Marilee       Astra   Bon Temps         N/A        N/A
Jul/Race 7       Astra    Marilee   Bon Temps     Sea Story  N/A
Aug/Race 8        Astra  Bon Temps  Marilee  N/A  N/A
Sep/Race 9       Marilee  Bon Temps  Astra  N/A  N/A
Oct/Race 10     Marilee  Astra


 Sea Story  N/A
Nov/Race 11        TBD
Dec/Race 12        TBD