2017 Sail Fleet Results

Thank you for participating in this race and the series. Award presentations from this series along with the South Bay Family Racing Series will be held on January 20th 2018 after the race at Pier 32 marina.


Final point standings for 2017 are as follows:

1st Place:    Marilee  –  a Beneteau 473
 2nd Place:  Astra   –  a custom Italian racing Boat
3rd Place: Bon Temps –  a Beneteau 361
4th Place: Consigliere  –   a Beneteau 41
5th Place: Sea Story – a Pearson 39
6th Place:  Ciao Bella –  a Catalina 34


Race Results per month:


1st Place 10pts 2nd Place 8pts   3rd Place 6pts 4th Place 4pts 5th Place 2pts
Jan/Race1  Bon Temps N/A N/A N/A N/A
Feb/Race 2  Marilee  Bon Temps  Astra  N/A  N/A
Mar/Race 3      Marilee Bon Temps Astra Sea Story Ciao Bella
Apr/Race 4 Marilee Astra Ciao Bella  Sea Story N/A
May/Race 5 Astra Bon Temps  Ciao Bella  Marilee N/A
Jun/Race 6       Marilee       Astra   Bon Temps         N/A        N/A
Jul/Race 7       Astra    Marilee   Bon Temps     Sea Story  N/A
Aug/Race 8        Astra  Bon Temps  Marilee  N/A  N/A
Sep/Race 9       Marilee  Bon Temps  Astra  N/A  N/A
Oct/Race 10     Marilee  Astra


 Sea Story  N/A
Nov/Race11     Marilee  Astra Consigliare  N/A  N/A
Dec/Race12     Marilee  Astra  Consigliare  Bon Temps  N/A