Normal class times are one day per week, 7:00pm to 9:00pm, unless otherwise noted.  Course fees cover books, materials, tests and shipping.  Fees for courses open to the public (non-members) are increased by the cost of an annual membership to United States Power Squadron. Contact seo@sdsps.org for more information.

Check this website to confirm schedule and updates

ClassLengthDayTimeStartFinishLocationTo Register
Navigation11 wksMon7-9 pmFeb 11Apr 22SWYCemail seo
Weekend ABC2 daysFri/Sat7-9 pmFeb 01Feb 02Pier 32 Marinaemail seo
Seamanship8 wksTues7-9 pmFeb 19Apr 09SWYCemail seo
Anchoring1 day SeminarWed7-9 pmTBDTBDSWYCRegister Here
Weather8 wksWed7-9 pmMar 27May 15Instructors HomeRegister Here
Intro to Charts1 day SeminarWed7-9pmApr 17Apr 17SWYCRegister Here
Piloting10 wksTBD7-9 pmApr 23Jun 25SWYCRegister Here
Sail10 wksTBD7-9 pmApr 25Jun 27JamulRegister Here
Engine Maintenance8 wksMon7-9 pmApr 29Jun 17SWYCRegister Here
Paddle Smart1 day
Wed7-9 pmMay 15May 15SWYCRegister Here
Partners in Command1 day
Wed7-9 pmJun 19Jun 19SWYCemail seo
ABC Class8 wksThur7-9 pmJun 20Aug 15SWYCemail seo
Advanced Piloting10 wksTues7-9 pmJul 16Sep 17SWYCemail seo
Knots, Bends and Hitches1 day
Wed7-9 pmJun 19Jun 19SWYCemail seo
Cruise Planning8 wksThur7-9 pmAug 22Oct 10SWYCemail seo
Rules of the Road1 day
Wed7-9 pmSep 18Sep 18SWYCemail seo
Weekend ABC2 daysFri/Sat7-9 pmSep 20Sep 21SWYCemail seo
Junior Navigation11 wksTues7-9 pmOct 01Dec 10SWYCemail seo
Cruising/ Crossing Borders1 day
Wed7-9 pmOct 16Oct 16SWYCemail seo
Marine Electronics8 wksThur7-9 pmOct 24Nov 19SWYCemail seo