April Race – 4/15/17

The San Diego Sail and Power Squadron’s fourth race of the year, in conjunction with the South Bay Family Sailing Series was held on April 15th, 2017. Of the six boats in the race, four were power squadron boats eligible for points in the San Diego Power Squadron Sail Fleet series.

The results are as follows:

First across the line was Marilee, a Beneteau 473, with a time of

1 hr. 22 min. 30 sec. 10 points to the winner!

Finishing in second place in was Astra, an Italian custom boat with a time of

1hr. 42 min. 42 sec. 8 points to Astra.

Third place went to Ciao Bella, a Catalina 34, with a time of

1 hr. 49 min. 54 sec.  6 points to Ciao Bella.

Fourth across the line was Sea Story, a Pearson 39, with a time of

1 hr. 52 min. 35sec. 4 points to Sea Story.


The Sail Feet of the San Diego Sail and Power Squadron will hold its 4th race of the 2017 series with a race on April 15th 2017 in conjunction with the South Bay Family Sailing Series.

April Sail Fleet Instructions download

When:  Saturday April 15th 2017

Where:  San Diego South Bay

Time:  Start 1200 Local


First Warning:  1155 one prolonged blast coordinated on GPS

Start:  1200 one prolonged blast

Race Course:


Buoy R34 to port / WR32A to starboard (starting line)

Buoy “B” to port

Buoy R38 to port

Buoy “B” to port

Buoy R38 to port

Buoy “B” to starboard

Buoy R34 to starboard / WR32A to port (finish line)


Please be aware that due to the Red Bull Air Races, there will be closures of the North Bay at times. Attached is the Notice from the Coast Guard.


Please Monitor VHF Channel 68 for information, to report problems on the course, to report finish times.


Yellow “Q” flag should be flown aft where it can be best seen while racing.


These are the GPS coordinates of the course Buoys

“A” (32 40.020N / 117 08.917W) 24 inch Yellow cylinder marked “CCYC” in Black Letters.

“B” (32 39.117N / 117 08.561W) 1’x 3’Orange Can Buoy marked with Letter “B”.

“C” (32 38.508N / 117 08.281W) 24” White Ball Fender marked with Letter “C”.

Reference Navigation Charts for Location of  R38, WA32A and R34.


        Current Points        

Bon Temps 26
Marilee 20
Astra 12
Sea Story 4
Ciao Bella 2

Hope to see more boats out there.



SDSPS Sail Fleet Coordinator