June Race – 6/17/17

The San Diego Sail and Power Squadron’s sixth race of the year, in conjunction with the South Bay Family Sailing Series was held on June 17th, 2017.

This race was a pursuit race with different starting times and so I adjusted the results with actual times on the course for each boat. 3 boats that belong to members of the Power Squadron competed.

The results are as follows:

First across the line was Marilee, a Beneteau 473, with an adjusted time of

1 hr. 20 min. 21 sec. out on the course. 10 points to the winner!

Second across the line was Astra, an Italian custom boat with an adjusted time of

1 hr. 29 min. 20 sec. out on the course. 8 points to them.

Third across the line was Bon Temps, a Beneteau 361, with an adjusted time of

1hr. 29 min. 40 sec. out on the course. 6 points to Bon Temps.

Next race will be held on Saturday, July 15th, 2017

Point Standings for the San Diego Sail and Power Squadron Sail Fleet are as follows:

Marilee   – 44 Points

Bon Temps  – 40 Points

Astra  –  38 Points

Ciao Bella  – 14 Points

Sea Story  – 8 Points

Thank you for participating and hope more boats will come out for the next race.



San Diego Sail Fleet Coordinator




The Sail Feet of the San Diego Sail and Power Squadron will hold its 6th race of the 2017 series with a race on June 17th 2017 in conjunction with the South Bay Family Sailing Series.

When:  Saturday    June 17th 2017

Where:  San Diego South Bay

Time:  Start 1200 Local



First Warning:  1155 one prolonged blast coordinated on GPS

Start:  1200 one prolonged blast

Race Course:

Buoy R34 to port / WR32A to starboard (starting line)

Buoy “A” to port

Buoy R40 to port

Buoy R26 to port

Buoy “C” to starboard

Buoy “B” to starboard

Buoy R34 to starboard / WR32A to port (finish line)

Total Distance 9.4nm


This race will be a Pursuit Race.


Start Schedule is as follows:

Division 3 (Ciao Bella, BBBoat, Asta II, Sea Story, and all other boats not named) will start at 12:00 noon.

Division 2 (Bon Temps, Kabreez, Pie in the Sky) will start at 12:07 pm.

Division 1 (Marilee, Astra, Sarayu) will start 12:12 pm.

A check of the bay found all race course buoys on the water. The positions of buoy “A” and “C” have changed. Please make corrections to your chart plotters and GPS’s. Buoy is 75 feet west of its last location at N32.38.501. Buoy “B” is at N32.39.179. W117.08.560. Buoy “A” has moved several hundred feet east to N32.40.034. W117.08.701

 Naval Operations are being conducted in the South Bay through the week and next weekend. Divers were on the course line between Buoy “C” and Buoy “B”. Navy patrol boats were patrolling the area. If there are areas on the course that are blocked by navy patrol boats Saturday, sail around the area and the patrol boats and continue on the race course.


Please Monitor VHF Channel 68 for information, to report problems on the course, to report finish times.

Yellow “Q” flag should be flown aft where it can be best seen while racing.


SDSPS Sail Fleet Coordinator