2018 SDSPS Bridge Openings!

All Members, it’s time to find those of you who wish to serve the Squadron.  Circumstances have made us smaller, as have numerous other organizations.  Instead of hundreds, as in the past, we struggle to maintain close to a hundred.  And yet, we have done a great job carrying out those duties and activities that make us a fun and productive squadron.  But it takes participation.  New members to the squadron are urged to step up;  the jobs are not intimidating as, perhaps, titles seem to indicate.  Those already serving should think about staying on;  it’s also an opportunity to find those in the membership to carry on next year.
If  you are interested please reply no later than 27 October 2017 because we’ll be dealing with the final late at the 6 November ExCom.
SDSPS Bridge Openings
Commander                             Marco Carvalho
Executive Officer                           Open
Educational Officer (SEO)           Robert Gibbs
Assistant SEO                              Open
Administrative Officer (AO)        Debra Oberg
Assistant AO6                            Debbie Lenart 
Secretary                                   Paula Vance
Assistant Secretary                  Betty McGovern
Treasurer                Catherine Isaksen Calkins
Members at Large            Ted Bowler
                                              Joy Bladykas
                                            Tanya Weimer
                                             Jay Hudson
Nominating Committee              
Three years                                   Open
Two Years                                 Bill Bridge
One Year                                        Open
Rules Committee
Three Years                            Richard Cross
Two Years                               Steve Bakalis
One Year                                     Open
Audit Committee
Three Years                               Open
Two Years                                 Open
One Year                                  Bob Hubbard
General Committees by Dept
Commander’s Department
Merit Marks                              Chester White
Executive Department                          
Public Affairs                                   Open
Boat Shows                                     Open  
Sea Scouts                                 Michael Philbrook
Vessel Safety Checks                Shaun McArdle
Educational Department
Advanced Grades                       Michael Sampsel
Local Board (ABC courses)        Michael Philbrook
Elective Courses                         Bill Bridge
Administrative Department
Boating Activities                            Open
Membership                                Paula Vance
Meetings & Programs                 Debbie Lenart
Operations Training                        Open
Port Captain                                Ted Bowler
Instructor Development                    Karen Glaze
Secretary’s Department
Editor, Ships Mail                       Allan Bombard
Webmaster & IT                         Betty McGovern
Roster                                          Ken Glaze
Historian                                      Chester White  
Law Officer                                 Tom Stanford 
Treasurer’s Department                        
Ships Store    `                                  Open
Property                                                        Open      
(The names listed in the Educational Department are instructors;  however, they will be asked to undertake the administrative duties associated with the positions listed.  Those listed as Members at Large are urged to consider undertaking positions as yet unfilled as shown with an (?))
Respectfully Submitted by Shaun McArdle