[Sail Fleet]

The San Diego Sail and Power Squadron once again has a Sail Fleet Series…!


The SDSPS will be sailing with the South Bay Family Sailing Association in their monthly racing series. This way, a boat will be eligible for two racing series in one race. For those who do not know, many of our members also race in the South Bay series. It is a more relaxed racing environment.


The series holds a monthly race in the South Bay, which is an excellent area of San Diego Bay to have this race series. It is held on the third Saturday of each month at 12 noon. The racecourse usually starts off at a buoy by the 24th Street Marine Terminal. I will post on the squadron Website each month the course that will be used.


Scoring will be on a points system based on a boat’s overall finish within the sail fleet:


10 Points – 1 st overall

8 Points    – 2 nd overall

6 Points    – 3 rd overall

4 Points     – 4 th overall

2 Points    – 5 th overall

1 Point      – 6 th overall and below

0 Points    – non participant


Marco Carvalho, JN

Commander San Diego Sail and Power Squadron