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The San Diego Sail and Power Squadron send emails out occasionally to to inform members of classes and upcoming activities.   In order to receive these emails you must individually subscribe to this mail list.  If you are not receiving emails from please follow the steps below to subscribe.


To Subscribe or Unsubscribe to this mail list click -> HERE


1) Under the section ‘Subscribing to Members’ mid way down fill in the email address you wish the mail to come to and fill in a preferred password twice.


2) finish by selecting [Subscribe]



 After selecting [Subscribe] you will receive a confirmation email to verify you are who you are and your email is indeed yours.  It will have a link to complete the process.  Once you select that link and complete the process you will be subscribed and will receive all emails sent to


That’s it!  You should then be subscribed.  You will receive a monthly reminder email with the link to your subscription along with your password.   You can also visit our website at any time to get back to that site to unsubscribe whenever you wish.  Being subscribed will allow you to receive all emails sent by this squadron.


NOTE:   Mail sent to will be filtered for spam and moderator approval before it is sent on.  This protects you from unwanted spam email.  Only those emails the squadron sends out to members will be approved to be sent to subscribers.


We also send out announcements in Facebook and if you haven’t done so already please ‘LIKE’ our Facebook page.   Simply search for San Diego Sail and Power Squadron in your Facebook Search field.  Once you are at our page, simply LIKE it to stay informed of all posts posted to this page.

For Help please email