2017 Bridge

Commander:  Cmd Marco Carvalho, AP     Email:  commander@sdsps.org


Executive officer:  Lt/C Carole Hallock, AP       Email:  exo@sdsps.org


Administrative Officer: Lt/C Debra Oberg, JN       Email: ao@sdsps.org 

Education Officer: Lt/C, P/C Bob Gibbs, JN-IN        Email: seo@sdsps.org


  • Asst. Education Officer: (Lt. and P/C Chris Jernigan, JN-IN) aseo@sdsps.org

Secretary: Lt/C and P/C Paula Vance, P         Email: secretary@sdsps.org


Treasurer: Lt/C Catherine Isaksen-Calkins, S       Email: treasurer@sdsps.org



Members at Large membersatlarge@sdsps.org

  • Tanya Weimer, P
  • Jay Hudson, P
  • Ted Bowler, AP
  • Joy Bladykas

Nominating Committee : nominating@sdsps.org

  • 1 yr : P/C Shaun McArdle, AP
  • 2 yr : Open
  • 3 yr : PC/ Bill Bridge, SN

Rules Committee : rules@sdsps.org

  • 1 yr : Steve Bakalis, SN
  • 2 yr : P/D/C Richard T. Cross, JN-IN
  • 3 yr : P/C Don Litzenberg, JN

Audit Committee : audit@sdsps.org

  • 1 yr: P/C David Baer, SN
  • 2 yr: P/C Robert Hubbard, AP
  • 3 yr: Tom Stanford, AP

Liason Officer liason@sdsps.org

  • Duane Leathers, AP

Ship’s Mail shipsmail@sdsps.org

  • P/C Allan Bombard, JN

IT Contact / Webmaster  webmaster@sdsps.org

  • Lt. Betty McGovern, P

Membership Chair/Public Contact membership@sdsps.org

  • Lt/C and P/C Paula Vance, P

 Vessel Saftey Examiners  vsc@sdsps.org

  • P/C Shaun McArdle, AP
  • P/C Don Litzenberg, SN
  • P/C Robert Hubbard, AP
  • P/C Bob Gibbs, JN
  • P/C Katie Law, SN
  • Lt. Mike Philbrook, P